Antoine & Kadidia Bernardeau-Sanogo


Antoine and Kadidia are permaculture consultants from France. In late 2012, they left Paris on a woofing trip traveling across 35+ countries where they stayed in organic and permaculture farms learning their indigenous methods and techniques. 

They currently live in Amman, Jordan with their two daughters.


Adeeba Nabulsi


After moving to Jordan in 2009 as a Post Graduate in Communication Design, Adeeba graduated from Permaculture Research Institute - Greening the Desert site with Massi Miatton in 2015. From there she has been working with Inaya Permaculture.

Her hope is that, with her current studies in Masters of Design Futures, she will be able to add to the progress of Permaculture practice in Jordan focussing on co-collaboration and Human Centred Design.


Abdur-Rahman McCausland

Senior Instructor

Abdur-Rahman is a graduate in Biology from Merton College, Oxford University and in Economics from SOAS, London. He travelled extensively before settling in Ethiopia, where he established Strawberry Fields Eco-Lodge, the country’s first Permaculture training and demonstration site.

In 2014, he became a registered Permaculture Trainer and Consultant with the Permaculture Research Institute (Australia) and since then has conducted training and project designs in Ethiopia, Jordan, Morocco, Australia, Turkey and Malaysia.

He has authored the two books  Agroforestry for Palestine: Good trees for a better future  and  Trees of Palestine .

He has authored the two books Agroforestry for Palestine: Good trees for a better future and Trees of Palestine.

Thomas Fernley-Pearson

Senior Instructor

Tom is a graduate from the University of Wales and Universitat de Barcelona. He is a born and bred farmer who has worked extensively in farming projects in California, Colombia, Uganda, Palestine and Jordan. He has also conducted research on the Amazon ecosystems of South America, Mangrove forests of East Africa, and the marine systems of Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.  He is the founder of the Bustan Qaraaqa Project in West Bank, which promotes regenerative technologies in communities under the occupation.

Ilham with Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan.

Ilham with Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan.

Ilham Al Abbadi

Sustainable Farming expert

Elham is an experienced farmer and a permaculture designer from the Bayoudha village. She is the founder of the Bayoudha Farmers' Initiative where they use sustainable farming methods to grow organic products. They partnered with Al Ardha municipality to declare their 100 sq km farming area as an environmentally important zone. Their partnership with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature led to extra greening of Bayoudha with 6200 fruit trees, 25 species for 620 houses; 10 trees for each family after a very detailed community survey. Her work has been appreciated by Her Majesty Queen Rania.